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Host: DealDash is the most talked about auction website in America providing online consumers a way to bid on brand new products and save money while they shop right from the comfort of their own homes. With us today, two ladies who do an awful lot of online auction site shopping because well, let’s just say they do a lot of it, Barbara Sellers and Roseanna Heffernan. Welcome ladies, good morning!

Barbara & Rose : Good morning!

Host: So listen I know that online shopping has just become widely popular, what is it? Is it the lower prices, or the better deals, that’s encouraging more and more people to shop, I mean what are the advantages?

Barbara: Well, is just a lot of fun and it’s very convenient because you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home

Host: Which is fine for me (laughter)… I want shopping on my PJ.

Barbara: Also a great deal for people who are handicapped and they find it difficult to get out or live a long distance from a shopping center

Host: How long have you been using online auction sites and what are your favorite ones? So I know that you love Deal Dash, How about you?

Roseanna: I absolutely love Deal Dash. I’ve tried multiple uhmmm just to check what’s out there but, you know, they’re fair, they’re honest, I get wonderful, wonderful products at a great price.

Host: how easy it is though to maybe complete our majority holiday shopping? Using an auction style site to shop.

Roseanna: You know for me, I’d rather not go out there and get in the traffic and use my gas and tried to find parking spot. I’d rather sit home and have a cup of coffee, get online, do my shopping. It’s just absolutely wonderful.

Barbara: Me too, because one of the wonderful things about shopping online is that it’s really fast and easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. DealDash has a wonderful variety of items to shop for.

Host: So, let’s get right on to it now, what kind of things you have won?

Barbara: For instance this camera. that retails for $999, I got it for $18.30.

Host: $18???

Barbara: Yes.

Host: Oh my goodness, you also got the sim card!

Barbara: I also got the camera case.

Host: The case came with it too?

Barbara: Right.

Host: The same $18?

Barbara: Right. and now the next time would be the zoom lens.

Host: Oh good for you. How about you Roseanna?

Roseanna:I won multiple, multiple things. I won many TVs, mmm.. kitchen appliances, mmm.. video games, I do all christmas shopping online. But one of my favorite things actually that i use all the time is this Conair sound machine. as a post partum nurse, I have sometimes you have to go to phototherapy, they’re not happy about that so this is something that soothes the babies that i use all the time

Host: Oh that’s wonderful. These ladies were such successful shoppers on DealDash, that the creator said, “Oh my goodness they’ve won all these bids, we’re gonna make them stars. They ended up using you for a national television commercial, right?

Roseanna: Isn’t that fantastic?

Host: That’s amazing!!!

Roseanna: yes, yes.

Host: what is it about? you were just winning bid after bid after bid?

Roseanna: Not every bid. but we certainly get our share. I have one every couple hundred auctions… (commercial sample) “I got all these for less than fifty dollars on” how about you Barbara?

Barbara: Well, the first 4 months, I won 104 auctions. Coz I tried other penny auction sites. But it soon became obvious to me that DealDash is by far the best one.

Host: I have to tell you honestly, it does seem kinda little too good to be true to think that, say an iPad for 10 bucks. How is that possible?

Roseanna: You have to be at the right place at the right time.

Host: Anybody can get out there and bid right?

Both: Yes

Host: What happens if I’m shopping and I don’t win the bid?

Barbara: Well, as long as you shop for the items that you would buy anyway, like, this gas card that I got for 83 cents. This is a $50-gas card. I know I’m going to be buying gas. So if I dont win, I can buy the gas card and Deal Dash always ships free of charge even if you do a “Buy it Now”. So I have nothing to lose.

Host: What kind of tips can you offer or strategies or anything you can give us so we can go out and win some auctions.

Roseanna: One of the things DealDash has is a bid buddy with no limit. So you can put on as many bids there as you want, you dont have to sit there in front of your computer the whole time if you have something to do, you can put your bids in, you can go do something else, come back and check your auction.

Host: Barbara you are so funny, you are like “yeah, put my bid in, I go out, wash the dishes, and you can go back and check, right and see?

Roseanna: Very easy to add more bids or subtract bids. If you see that you probably don’t want to bid that much money or that many bids, you can cancel your bids and it’ll get back to your account automatically.

Host: Let me ask you a quick question, before we let you go. The fair auction guarantee on, what is that?

Roseanna: Well, the fair auction is if you are new to DealDash and you try to win an auction and you don’t win you can get your bids back and try again.

Host: Oh that is terrific to know! So, there are no losers, only winners. I love it. I love to shop obviously. So, ladies thank you for stopping by and giving me another way to do it. Appreciate you.

Both: Thank you.


3 Reasons to try DealDash:

1. Save up to 99% off retail when you win an auction
2. Free shipping on all items
3. 100% Money-Back Guarantee on your first bid pack purchase within 90 days – no questions asked!

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