Must Have Appliances Are Being Won For Next To Nothing!


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KitchenAid mixers, Rachel Ray cookware and Keurig coffee makers are all must have items but can be heavy on the wallet. is a website that offers savvy bidders the chance of getting these prestigious items up to 99% off retail prices.

Getting a decent deal is common knowledge online- we have all seen decent deals from buying from Amazon or Walmart, but DealDash takes the deal hunt to a whole new level. The site figured out how to incorporate the latest and greatest products, with big savings and the fun and excitement of outbidding a rival. has one of the best selections of products- The selection extends from the newest technology, iPads, TVs, Home theatre equipment, to the highest quality kitchen items. Some recent sales include a KitchenAid Artisan Series Mixer, which retails for $350 but was won for just $17.

No wonder deals like these seem “too good to be true”, but once you learn the ropes of the system, it all adds up. The DealDash model works with customers buying bids prior to participating in auctions. When a user bids on an item, the clock ticks down from 10 seconds. If there are no new bidders, the last person to bid will get the incredibly low deal.

Before jumping right in, it’s paramount that users familiarise themselves with how the site works. The biggest takeaway is that you need to factor in the bids used when calculating the final price.  If you have a clear strategy and bid smart, you are in for some great deals. Bids on similar sites can cost up to 60 cents each, but DealDash frequently offers them for as little as 18 or 15 cents a piece.

Another great thing about DealDash compared to other auction sites is that if you don’t enjoy your experience, you can get a full refund on your first bid pack purchase within 90 days, no questions asked. This makes giving the site a go totally risk free, and is a big driver why so many bidders have decided to do so in the last couple of months.

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