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When you compare auction sites to find out which will give you the best deals on items for your home, business or leisure, there is one that comes out on top, time and time again. Want to find out which one? Read on, right now!

The number of ways that DealDash auction site trumps eBay are countless; there are simply too many to list them all! Here are the biggest advantages that shoppers tell us they are discovering to be true every day as they head to and win items for way under retail price!

Free Shipping

At DealDash, you get free shipping on all of your items! For eBay? Shipping costs there depend on what the individual seller charges you. That’s a lot of power in the seller’s hands, don’t you think?

New Items, Never Used

Get brand new items at the penny auctions at DealDash. They are factory sealed, so no second-hand items here! As for eBay, you will find old, used items in with the new ones.


If you are not totally satisfied with your first purchase at DealDash, you get a full refund within 90 days! At eBay, you only get hassle-free return coverage if you bought a certain type of product or if it’s okay under the seller’s stated return policy – nope, that doesn’t sound easy!

Everything Sells, For Less sells everything on its site, and it sells at unbelievably low prices through only a penny per bid! Get amazing deals, up to 90% off retail, on your favorite items and presents, simply by having the winning bid! Items on eBay auctions don’t always sell and sometimes there are even reserves.

Who is the clear winner? DealDash is, hands down! Check out how you can get low prices on quality items for less than you ever imagined, simply by heading over to now!

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