How Pam Uses Penny Auctions to Buy Gifts up to 90% Off Retail


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You have likely heard online or on TV about people getting unbelievable deals on penny auctions. If they seem too good to be true, stop and read this now! It IS true that you can save big on penny auctions.

Follow in Pam’s footsteps and get up to 90% off the retail price on gifts for Christmas, birthdays and other holidays easily at All it takes is one click on your item of choice, and you get your money back if you don’t win the auction… So what have you got to lose? BIG savings, that’s what!

Imagine this. Pam regularly heads to when there’s a celebration or holiday coming up. She locates the latest must-have items that she knows will light up her friends’ and family’s faces and then she places a bid. Each bid only marks up the item a penny, and when Pam places the last bid before the timer goes out then she’s the winner. Pam regularly saves 60% to 90% off retail pricing at, and the site even offers free shipping.

There are so many items to choose from that Pam often takes her time browsing for gifts and even bids on items she needs around the home to save herself money too. While she doesn’t get every item she bids on, as there’s only one winner per auction, she knows because there are thousands of auctions at a time there are always new items to bid on.

Pam saves with every purchase at by getting at least 60% off gift cards, cameras, kitchen mixers, chairs and more. Now she is using her savings for a holiday abroad and has to thank for it. If Pam unfortunately loses the auction, she can use the Buy It Now feature and collect all those bids back!

You can join Pam in saving big on gifts (and get something for yourself too) by checking out what has up for auction today.

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