Finish your Christmas Shopping Early with iPads for as low as $5!


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DealDash is an auction website, where you can win and save up to 99% off retail on popular merchandise. The catch? You’ll have to purchase bids before you can participate in the auctions. Every auction has just one winner, but DealDash offers thousands of auctions each week to its customers.

What does it take to win an auction on Determination, and perhaps a hint of luck. With auction wins like a 55-Inch TV selling for $30, or an iPhone going for less than $10, the website has quickly grown to hundreds of thousands of American shoppers who are all looking for a piece of the incredible savings. They say that shopping in DealDash isn’t only rewarding, but can also be a whole lot of fun. has been around since 2009 and is the highest ranked website of its kind due to its unique “Buy it Now” policy that allows losing bidders to get their bids back if they purchase the item at retail. No wonder the company has served more than 1,000,000 discounted deals, all with free shipping.

The company offers frequently special deals for discounted bids, and introduces new items to the website each week. Click here to see how much you can save on today!

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3 Expensive Shopping Mistakes You Will Make This Holiday Season


1. Buying last minute

Even the most savvy shoppers make the mistake of waiting until December to shop for gifts. Most people don’t know that big box retailers mark up their prices for the last minute shopper. Prices can go up by as much as 27% after Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed.

2. Forgetting to use coupons

Coupons are available everywhere. You can easily pick up a few online and take them with you wherever you go. Enough said.

3. Not bidding for it

This is the one where you can save the most. Special discount auction websites like could save you up to 97% off on brand new merchandise if used right. Why pay full price when you can bid for it? Also out of all the other auction sites,  offers a 100% money back refund on your first purchase and shipping on all items is always free!

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Come on Guys, Stop Slacking and Start Saving!



Let’s be honest, forking over a couple hundred (or thousand) dollars for a bunch of presents that will probably just find their way into the back of her closet or the black hole of stuff crammed beneath her bed is NOT SOMETHING WE GUYS WANT TO THINK ABOUT.

But we drag our feet to the mall anyway every Holiday season because we love her and can imagine all to well the repercussions of not treating her right. We know the lonely and merry-less Christmas that befalls a fellow brother who doesn’t treat his lady right.

If only there was a way to get the eggnog and mistletoe kiss without lightening our wallets so much…

Good news: there is. is an auction website, where you can win and save up to 99% off retail and popular merchandise. No joke. 99% off.

Every auction has just one winner, but DealDash offers thousands of auctions each week to its customers. Where DealDash  differs to all the other online auction sites, is that they offer a Buy It Now if you didn’t win the auction. This means that you can get the item and all the bids you used in the auction!

DealDash has one of the biggest product catalogues online and therefore you should find everything you need this holiday season. So long as you are diligent, you’ll find her that special something she’s always wanted and been nagging you or hinting about since the 4th of July Barbeque.

Problem = Shopping

Solution =

And what’s better is that she’ll be none the wiser about the oodles of cash you’ll be saving along the way. Who said cheap can’t also be thoughtful?

Pucker up boys. DealDash just might make this Christmas extra merry and bright.

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Christmas Gift Giving, Without the Stress!

Shopping-Clipart-Images-of-ChristmasThis is a sponsored post by All claims made are verified to be accurate.

We Americans sure do know how to take our Christmas shopping seriously. For many it’s become an obsessive ritual of the Holiday season, or even a fanatical passion.

The weeks (or months) of preplanning: scouring those promotional materials on and offline, assembling the list of stores that we want to hit up. Then we plan the impending morning routine, sometimes even scoping out the sales floor layouts ahead of time, just so we know exactly where the-soon-to-be discounted merchandise will be.

Then Black Friday arrives. Boom. Then Cyber Monday, again boom! Why go through all the hassle and stress of shopping in over crowded malls? Why not wake up naturally and open up your laptop instead? There really is an alternative to pushing and pulling in the stores and for most shoppers this year, they’re not even venturing outside of their homes.



Why not take advantage of DealDash‘s Free Shipping on all items. Each item shown is new and never been used, unlike other auction sites. Also if you are not totally satisfied with your first purchase at, you get a full refund within 90 days! Typically products sell for 97% less than retail, so why wait to save!


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How DealDash Trumps eBay in Countless Ways is a sponsored post by All claims made are verified to be accurate.

When you compare auction sites to find out which will give you the best deals on items for your home, business or leisure, there is one that comes out on top, time and time again. Want to find out which one? Read on, right now!

The number of ways that DealDash auction site trumps eBay are countless; there are simply too many to list them all! Here are the biggest advantages that shoppers tell us they are discovering to be true every day as they head to and win items for way under retail price!

Free Shipping

At DealDash, you get free shipping on all of your items! For eBay? Shipping costs there depend on what the individual seller charges you. That’s a lot of power in the seller’s hands, don’t you think?

New Items, Never Used

Get brand new items at the penny auctions at DealDash. They are factory sealed, so no second-hand items here! As for eBay, you will find old, used items in with the new ones.


If you are not totally satisfied with your first purchase at DealDash, you get a full refund within 90 days! At eBay, you only get hassle-free return coverage if you bought a certain type of product or if it’s okay under the seller’s stated return policy – nope, that doesn’t sound easy!

Everything Sells, For Less sells everything on its site, and it sells at unbelievably low prices through only a penny per bid! Get amazing deals, up to 90% off retail, on your favorite items and presents, simply by having the winning bid! Items on eBay auctions don’t always sell and sometimes there are even reserves.

Who is the clear winner? DealDash is, hands down! Check out how you can get low prices on quality items for less than you ever imagined, simply by heading over to now!

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Saturday Afternoons are Meant for Browsing DealDash

Saturday Afternoon Stock PictureThis is a sponsored post by All claims made are verified to be accurate.

Is the idea of heading to the busy shopping mall to get Christmas presents this weekend an activity you want to avoid but don’t know how? If so, stop and read this now! There’s an easier gift-shopping alternative for you!

Do you remember when Saturday afternoons were meant to be for relaxing, even just before Christmas? Nowadays, there’s always crowds at the shopping malls, especially on Saturdays, when it seems everyone wants to buy their Xmas gifts! Not impressed? Then you better check out DealDash today!

So you want to avoid the busy malls and still get amazing, fun Christmas presents for your friends and families? Then do what Betty does. She stopped going to the malls on Saturdays when she discovered DealDash online. Now she stays at home on Saturdays, curls up at her computer in her comfy weekend clothes and shops at!

There are no crowds for Betty to fight her way through. She doesn’t have to wait in lines to even get into a store at the mall, let alone waiting at the register to spend her hard-earned money paying for gifts.

Nope. Instead, Betty is in the comfort of her home, sipping a cup of tea as she browses DealDash to bid on thousands of auctions for sale that day! The items are always changing, so she has lots of fresh auctions to choose from every Saturday.

All of Betty’s friends’ and family’s favorite brands are on the site too. She simply bids a penny at a time to win brand new items at 60 to 90 percent off their retail price. That’s huge savings off the prices in those busy stores in the malls!

Join Betty on Saturday afternoons or any other day over at to secure big savings on Christmas presents. You won’t have to leave home, and you won’t miss those huge crowds, will you?

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This SECRET might save you 99% off popular merchandise and I want to share it with you!

iphone6This is a sponsored post by All claims made are verified to be accurate.

How would you like that new iPhone 6 for the price of a pack of frozen burritos?

Or maybe you’re more of a less-technology-is-good type and love the outdoors. Well, would a brand new men’s mountain bike that costs less than a couple gallons of milk interest you?

Let me share with you a secret: If you’re paying the full price for electronics, appliances, and the next do-hickey, chances are you’re flushing so much cash down the toilet that you could have bought a new toilet with a seat.

Heck, many of you could probably have paid to redo the entire bathroom.

Please don’t fall into the camp of those head-shakers who think that nothing comes easy. The truth is that good things don’t have to be expensive.

Yes, really. is an auction website, where you can win and save up to 99% off retail on popular merchandise. The catch? You’ll have to purchase bids before you can participate in the auctions (for a couple bucks, mind you). Every auction has just one winner, but DealDash offers thousands of auctions each week to its customers.

This secret can really come in handy. Imagine bringing home to your kid or wife that special-something they’ve been hinting or screaming that they’ve always been wanting. They’re happy and better yet, you’re happy because it was 99% off.

We give you permission to never tell the secret to a single soul. 😉

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How Pam Uses Penny Auctions to Buy Gifts up to 90% Off Retail


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You have likely heard online or on TV about people getting unbelievable deals on penny auctions. If they seem too good to be true, stop and read this now! It IS true that you can save big on penny auctions.

Follow in Pam’s footsteps and get up to 90% off the retail price on gifts for Christmas, birthdays and other holidays easily at All it takes is one click on your item of choice, and you get your money back if you don’t win the auction… So what have you got to lose? BIG savings, that’s what!

Imagine this. Pam regularly heads to when there’s a celebration or holiday coming up. She locates the latest must-have items that she knows will light up her friends’ and family’s faces and then she places a bid. Each bid only marks up the item a penny, and when Pam places the last bid before the timer goes out then she’s the winner. Pam regularly saves 60% to 90% off retail pricing at, and the site even offers free shipping.

There are so many items to choose from that Pam often takes her time browsing for gifts and even bids on items she needs around the home to save herself money too. While she doesn’t get every item she bids on, as there’s only one winner per auction, she knows because there are thousands of auctions at a time there are always new items to bid on.

Pam saves with every purchase at by getting at least 60% off gift cards, cameras, kitchen mixers, chairs and more. Now she is using her savings for a holiday abroad and has to thank for it. If Pam unfortunately loses the auction, she can use the Buy It Now feature and collect all those bids back!

You can join Pam in saving big on gifts (and get something for yourself too) by checking out what has up for auction today.

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