This SECRET might save you 99% off popular merchandise and I want to share it with you!

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How would you like that new iPhone 6 for the price of a pack of frozen burritos?

Or maybe you’re more of a less-technology-is-good type and love the outdoors. Well, would a brand new men’s mountain bike that costs less than a couple gallons of milk interest you?

Let me share with you a secret: If you’re paying the full price for electronics, appliances, and the next do-hickey, chances are you’re flushing so much cash down the toilet that you could have bought a new toilet with a seat.

Heck, many of you could probably have paid to redo the entire bathroom.

Please don’t fall into the camp of those head-shakers who think that nothing comes easy. The truth is that good things don’t have to be expensive.

Yes, really. is an auction website, where you can win and save up to 99% off retail on popular merchandise. The catch? You’ll have to purchase bids before you can participate in the auctions (for a couple bucks, mind you). Every auction has just one winner, but DealDash offers thousands of auctions each week to its customers.

This secret can really come in handy. Imagine bringing home to your kid or wife that special-something they’ve been hinting or screaming that they’ve always been wanting. They’re happy and better yet, you’re happy because it was 99% off.

We give you permission to never tell the secret to a single soul. 😉

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